It’s a nice to meet you here

Hi 👋

My name is Bishal. I am a UX & Product Designer, who turns complex problem sets to simple solutions, focused to build experiences.

I can Think, Solve, Invent, Design, Code, Manage, Lead and most importantly, Learn. I have worn many hats, but currently I lead all things product(s) and team(s) at Last Door, a B2B Design and Development agency.

I am passionate about all areas of Design and Marketing. Being a business studies graduate helps me blend the business side with Design and make decisions as a product lead.

As of april 2022, I am learning to code and be consistent with it, which also sums up the in-progress version of my personal site. Besides that, I'm a fun person to hang around. You can find me on any social media with @bishaller username. Or, let's just connect on linkedin.