I am Bishal. A product designer made in🇳🇵Nepal, shipped to the 🇺🇸 US.

I’m an extraverted, outgoing, outspoken, fun, and easy-to-go type.

Here's more about me & the work I do.

I started as an intern designer watching photoshop and illustrator tutorials in 2015. I've worn many hats, from illustrating maps, trying hard on graphic design, transforming to a UI designer, understanding and grinding on UX, learning to code, and managing products and teams.

Clutching knowledge from every aspect of design, product, marketing, development, and management, I am an end-to-end designer who believes in building experiences that create an impact rather than "just functional." I can Think, Solve, Invent, Design, Code, Manage, Lead, and, most importantly, Learn.

I have worked on projects as small as changing a tertiary button color to designing large-scale applications requiring an extensive design system. I can fit in most teams, bridging teams or being an individual contributor.

Even though I'm a designer, I like exploring horizontals and scratching my head to understand how my peer work to bring products to life. Being a marketing student in my undergrad, a UX student in my master's, and a coding student at night, I enjoy learning.

Are you still reading through? Nice to meet you. Here's more about me. Nepali Momo is my favorite food. I was born in the city of temples where you can encounter perfectly organized chaos and overwhelming charismatic culture. When I was a kid, I believed I would become a pilot one day, but I ended up being a designer.

I like trekking (maybe I used to); I have roamed a lot of trekking & hiking routes in Nepal. My last trek was to Tsho Rolpa in 2021. As of now, I'm writing these words sitting on a desk in Philadelphia. I'm pursuing my masters in UX & Interaction design at Jefferson to take a break from work. I'll be done with the program by May 2024.

More than that, I'm working on a side project relating to design systems and learning design. I'm still determining the idea, so you will know if it works out. And BTW, if you came this far reading all these words, we should be friends. Hit me on Instagram or any other social media with the username @bishaller. And thanks for being here.

Have a good day!