Why do you fail as a Frontend Developer?

“Frontend Developer” (or a UI Developer) sums a lot of stuff within the title. By this term, I mean those developers who work around Web HTML, CSS, Javascript. Those who work on iOS & Android App Development can find this article useful.

#1. You Lack Planning

Most of us are in a hurry to go nowhere but in a rush to wrap up that project, which you haven’t started yet. Sometimes, you know nothing about the project, but you’ve reached the halfway and probably stuck. That restless behavior leads you to poke the Designer or the Project Lead to ask stuff they should have explained before or you should have asked. That’s pathetic; you keep on revolving around or redoing things. However, you are not alone in this downhill race; this is the most common mistake FrontEnd Developers make.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

— Abraham Lincoln

Planning brings magic to your table. It might be a tedious thing to do, But in the long run, you’ll save much time, write less code, act smart, speed up your workflow, may get promoted, and so on. The idea here is to evolve yourself in every possible angle.

It would help if you learned to play smart. First of all, analyze the project on your own. If you’re a lucky developer, your Designer may have explained to you with plenty of notes and a smooth hand-off. Whether or not, try understanding the project and list out your assumptions and questions and how you’re going to plan out the project. Have a conversation with your fellow Designer before you start the project and make sure you know everything about the project. Get your stuff ready and get to work. Working on a team is no different. More the coders, more ideas, better code, and a responsible you lead by healthy communication. Create your process and never jump off. Better for you.

#2. You Hate Designers.

I hate you GIF from Tenor.

If you’re a Front-End Developer, you’re not a Front-End Developer. And, that’s not a joke.

The above statement may sound crazy, but that’s the truth. You’re a Designer who Designs with HTML, CSS, & Javascript rather than using those fancy tools, Sketch, Figma, Invision, XD, and so on. It’s evident that whatever you code, whether it’s semantic or a mess, the end user always cares about the experience, visuals, or the actual Design elements on the screens that serve value.

You may be asking yourself, What the hell has this Designer made? There are Designers who off-the-grid Designs. But is it worth screaming? What if I can give a thought from a Designer’s perspective? Is there a solution? Or should I break his nose?

This unusual co-working behavior is a common problem in a Designer — Coder world. Every one or the other is there to make a mistake. Rather than misunderstandings, you should embrace the good stuff each makes and focus on improvising the errors, all of which depend on your communication skills.

On the other hand, even if you’re a Frontend Developer, you should know Design. The basics or the concept, how Design works is more than enough. It will help us to build better products and makes life easier not only for Designer/Developer but also for the users who use our products. However, this is not mandatory. If only you understand Design, Designers would love you.

#3. You know less & do more.

god knows!

To call yourself a Frontend Developer — you must be proficient with the basics and know the root of HTML, CSS & JS. And I’m not talking Foundation, Bootstrap, HAML or SASS. Just Plain HTML & CSS that made those frameworks? Question yourself, Can I build or engineer anything- Frontend without a framework? Or, Can I stop copying the code from Stackoverflow? Most of the Frontenders I have faced in my life kick-off by watching a few tutorials and then a Full Full Full Stop. Learning should never stop. Mastering your code is the most. The only suggestion is — Read about everything, Learn and use selectively.

#4. Your Interface is Dead.

A GIF from giphy

Users don’t just see your website and go. They put opinions, observe, feel, create assumptions, keep expectations, and react! — They Interact.

Stop styling dead buttons and blame the Designer for not providing the states. If you still want to, bye-bye. That’s why you fail. There are Designers whom you’d love to hate around, and please don’t try to copy their habit. Googling “button hover” will throw you trillions of examples on what a hover state could look like. Turn yourself into an Interaction Superstar.

#5. You Don’t Cope with Criticism

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None of us enjoy getting criticized. Human beings have a built-in feature to enjoy being right and feel a sense of hurt when we’re wrong. Although we’re generally drawn to like-minded people, criticism is something that can help you grow and raise to a Mark. Never take the QA’s feedback as an insult. Take is as a compliment to improve yourself. If someone’s wrong, make an effort to explain what’s right. Or, even if you don’t do so, at least don’t harm your mental state and instead keep the same effort to craft a better you.


And, hundred of thousand reasons more.

It’s okay if you fail, we all should learn from our mistakes. If you wish to see a version of How to succeed as a Frontend Developer, hit me up with a few claps.


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